TEDxYouth@Tallinn 2015

15 November at 10.00 am
at Rocca al Mare School in Tallinn

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TEDxYouth@Tallinn is a day full of inspiring talks, music, interesting conversations and activities for youth by youth.

TEDxYouth@Tallinn is an independently organized TEDx event for Youth by Youth. Young people will share their ideas, dreams and accomplishments in a variety of fields. It’s a day full of great talks, conversations and activities, to inspire you to think, dream and take action and find your own way and place in the world.

TEDxYouth@Tallinn is directed to a younger audience, especially to high school students, but we have no age limits and so, if you are younger or older and wish to attend, you’re welcome!

Because there are only 250 seats in the venue, we offer the option to organize a TEDxYouth@Tallinn 2015 simulcast wherever in the world. For more information, check out the  simulcasts section of our page.