Luisa Lõhmus

Luisa is currently a 9th grade student in Tallinn Music High School – she had already made up her mind about intertwining her life with music while attending kindergarten. Luisa’s passion for music has led her to great achievements in both piano and singing competitions. Luisa’s interest towards folk music has been satisfied by taking…

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Aksel Johannes Part

Aksel is a young man studying at the Hugo Treffner Gymnasium in Tartu, who’s moto is “can do”. As a very outgoing person he accepts all challenges enthusiastically and always gives his maximum. Axel is a CEO of company Kolm Põrsakest (Three piglets) that started as a student company that was considered company of the…

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Erki Kaikkonen

Erki is a freelance life researcher, story teller and free thinker. Learning is an unseparable part of his life. He has studied at almost all Estonian universities and also abroad. In addition to that, he has learnt things he’s most interested in and that’s why he has broad knowledge in social sciences, semiotics, communication and…

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Greta Varts

Greta is a talented young woman in many different fields. She’s a freelance movie critic, screenwriter and First Assistant Director. Greta has graduated from the University of London with a bachelors degree in history and studied film arts. Now she’s a masters student at the Tallinn University Baltic Film and Media School. Greta has written…

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Alexey Morgunov

Alexey is a PhD student at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology at the University of Cambridge, working at the interface of synthetic biology and early-life evolution. When not in the lab, Alexey is active in the Cambridge’s scientific community or is teaching biology to undergraduate students at Cambridge. As an occasional distraction from science,…

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Slippery Slope

Slippery Slope is an Estonian power trio from Tallinn that was formed in 2009. The band consists of life-long friends Egert Milder (guitar, lead vocals), Madis Lett (bass, vocals) and Henri Kuusk (drums, percussion). They became well recognized in the autumn of 2012 when they won the most prestigious band contest in Estonia. Slippery Slope…

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Andris Slavinskis

Andris graduated from Ventspils University College, Latvia. During those studies he also spent a semester in Lund University, Sweden and did a trainee-ship in the Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland. After the master’s he had a hard time to find what he wants to do until he found a passion of life — satellite technology in…

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Eden Full

Eden is an aspiring maker. She is the inventor of the SunSaluter, a low-cost mechanism that optimizes solar panels while providing clean water. Named one of the 30 under 30 in Forbes’ Energy category two years in a row, now Eden is a junior in Mechanical Engineering at Princeton University where she is also the…

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Eliisa Lott

Eliisa is a young woman, who shines through dance every day. The University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy has made her a certified dance instructor and choreographer. She looks for inspirational situations and people every day to let the river of life flow. Different workshops and camps, both in Estonia and foreign countries, are seasonal…

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Mait Müntel

Mait is an educated physicist, who has worked as a scientist in The European Organization for Nuclear Research for many years. His passion for travelling combined with mathematics and skilled programming has led him to create a software for learning languages at an extreme rate. In his speech, Mait talks about his experience in learning…

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Andrew Critch

Andrew, who usually goes by “Critch”, just finished his PhD in mathematics at UC Berkeley. Critch’s interest in rationality began as a teenager growing up in a small fishing village in Canada, where he says he “just had a lot of time to think about it.” In 2011, he began working on CFAR, a non-profit…

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Daniel Veinbergs

Daniel is an aspiring joke writer and performer who enjoys good food, long walks on the beach and sleeping alone. He is a 17 year old sad, sad boy who has been doing stand up comedy for almost one year. So if you want life wisdom from a 17 year old, he’s your kid!

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Carl Bärstad

Having gone through conventional education himself, Carl tells us the story of how he reclaimed his own curiosity by “hacking himself” and how he is now using this insight to make technology more fun, engaging and accessible in the 21st century “classroom” through his projects Hackerspace in a box and Kids Hack Day to foster…

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Laura Deming

Laura Deming, a young scientist and entrepreneur, fellow with the Thiel Foundation 20 under 20 fellowship, Laura has wanted to cure aging since the age of 8. After years working on nematode longevity at the UCSF graduate school, Laura matriculated to MIT at 14 to work on artificial organogenesis and bone aging, and is now…

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Kristjan Korjus

Kristjan Korjus has studied mathematics in Manchester UK and is now a doctoral student at Computer Science Institute of University of Tartu. Together with his friend Juhan Aru he has written a “Evening Textbook of Mathematics” for high school students to share his passion and understanding of mathematics.

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Mihkel Kama

Mihkel Kama is a young scientist, currently doctoral student at the University of Amsterdam. His focus is on star- and planet formation which is motivated by the question: what can astrophysics tell us about the origins and spread of life in the Universe?

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Vasilis Koulolias

Vasilis Koulolias is a founder of Gov2u, a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing the benefits of ICT to promoting popular democratic processes and giving a voice to citizens to be involved in the decision making processes of their governments. Gov2u now operates around the globe advising and assisting governments to modernize their legislative processes and…

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Rene Kukk

Rene Kukk is an 18-years old senior student of Tallinn English College. Besides school, debating has been his principal hobby already since 7th grade. He is also for the third time attending the World Schools Debating Championships in January next year as a member of the Estonian delegation.

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Kadri Bank

Kadri Bank’s Master’s thesis at the University of Tartu was on what drives girls to take part in the Calendar Girl competitions, where they are ready to pose half-naked to win. She’s been interested in how do gender ideals develop in a society and how we’re being taught to act according to  a “proper” gender…

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Juan Batiz-Benet

Juan Batiz-Benet is obsessed with science and technology. He is a Computer Scientist from Stanford University (BS, MS on leave), and Founder of Athena, a tech startup advancing human knowledge. He loves teaching and is driven to share understanding.

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Dmitri Domoskanov

Dmitri Domoskanov is a high school student who has been figure skating for the most of his life. However, his real passion in animation — his movies have brought him recognition in Estonia and abroad.

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Nathan Metsala

Nathan Metsala is a 10th grade student of Tallinn 21st School and CEO of student company Student Network. In addition to that, for the fourth year he is active at his school’s student union. His main hobby is however music — he plays drums and guitar.

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Toomas Laigu

Toomas Laigu has been an active member of many youth organizations and has been leading the biggest one in Estonia — Estonian School Student Councils’ Union. After graduating from high school he traveled for 7 months in Asia and will soon open his own vegetarian restaurant.

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Tenfold Rabbit

Tenfold Rabbit (previously Ansambel Meelik) is an enjoyable band who makes you really listen.  “Youth Band cometition 2011” and “Estonian song 2012 ” were just like a wind for their wings. Their music is gripping and it will pleasantly haunt your mind. The band members are  Andres Kõpper, Rain Parve, Meelik Samel and Martin Petermann.

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Kristiina Tüür

Kristiina Tüür was born 22 years ago on Muhu island. She’s a fourth year undergraduate student in biology. Kristiina works on her experiments in  the Institute of Technology at the University of Tartu in Prof. Tanel Tenson’s group under Arvi Jõers’ supervision. She has been a member on the board of  Tartu Student’s Nature Conservation…

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Kärt Ojavee

Kärt Ojavee is a young designer, who’s been working with interactive textiles already for 8 years. For her, curtains, wallpaper and pillows are never something fixed and stationary — all they are capable of becoming “alive” — changing their color or patterns, moving or making sounds.

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Jaan Tootsen

Jaan Tootsen is mostly known for his radio show “Ööülikool” (“Night University”), which he got awarded for by the President of Estonia. He’s also a documentarist and his new movie “New World” was a surprise for both public and critics but he has made movies before: “Discover a rich corner in the Cosmos” (2005) and…

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Frankie Animal

Frankie Animal is a young, Estonian indie-folk-rock band formed in the spring of 2012. The band has a natural sound and its music is characterized by simple melodies and dynamics, brought together by the young musicians’ harmonic unity. The band members are Marie M. Vaigla, Jonas Kaarnamets, Jan-Christopher Soovik and Karl Eerik Valkna.

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Kaspar Korjus

Kaspar Korjus, 27, is an e-Residency team leader and program director. In 2015, Kaspar was voted as the #1 person in technology and finance in the Forbes Estonia “30 under 30” category. In 2011, having gotten a degree in Internet Business Management in England, Kaspar returned to Estonia as part of the “Talendid Koju” program.

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Hendrick Rang

Hendrick Rang has graduated the University of Tartu with a MA in Law. Currently he works as an adviser at the Chancellor of Justice of the Republic of Estonia. In his MA thesis Hendrick studied the legal status of the Estonian Sign Language. The regulating of the right to use sign languages interests him still.…

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Pavel Vassiljev

Pavel Vassiljev graduated from the universities in the UK and Sweden with degrees in marketing and brand management. Returned to Estonia in 2011, Pavel surprisingly started working in education (Linnamäe Vene Lütseum), founding a youth NGO named Shokkin group, which is focusing on non-formal-learning and international youth mobilities. Pavel has traveled to many places around the world to give…

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Alex Kesa

Alex Kesa is a student at the International School of Estonia. Along with this Alex is taking part in organizing introductory courses at the Tallinn University as a member of the Õpilasakadeemia board. His main interests lie in political developments in Europe, the reforming of old ideologies and emergence of new political movements.

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Jan Margen Vau

Jan Margen Vau is a young man with a passion for The Arts among other things. He creates Art and contemplates Life. Jan Margen lives in Paide and has graduated from Paide Arts School. He also really enjoys nature.

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Benjamin Todd

Benjamin Todd is the co-founder and of 80 000 Hours, an Oxford affiliated charity dedicated to helping people who want to maximize a positive impact with their careers. In under three years with Ben’s leadership, 80,000 Hours has grown from a student society, to an Oxford affiliated charity, featured on TED, the Washington Post, the…

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Marion Murumaa

Marion Murumaa works as a mathematics teacher. She’s actually a physicist and doing her PhD at the Tallinn University of Technology on particle physics. Marion’s passion is nature, especially challenging herself in the mountains.

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The children of the stars, supplied with combustible rocket fuel, rumbling rhythm-engines and cosmic energy was ready. No one knew where in deep space the muaical funk-rocket will set off to. Will the energetic rhythm-funk-joy mashine even reach its destination? Every journey is unique and spontaneous – here and now! Buckle your seatbelts – we…

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Eero Aija

Captain Eero Aija is an infantry officer in the Estonian Defence Forces. During his military career he has served on operational tours in Afghanistan as platoon commander, as company second-in-command and finally as company commander. At the moment he is helping to organise military training for conscripts and prepare sub-unites to be ready for war…

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Renate Rutiku

Renate Rutiku is a young neuroscientist, fresh off defending her Ph.D at Tartu University. Her everyday work consists of researching neuronal correlates and the brain activity related to the sense of vision. In layman’s terms, she studies the formation of consciousness in the brain. Even though Renate discovered neuroscience by chance, it has now become…

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Rovin Raie

Rovin Raie (17) is currently a student at Rocca al Mare School, who has a passion for performing in general and dancing. He has studied the art of dance for approximately three and a half years: the first 2 years at Tallinn’s Dance Academy and after that practicing independently. He specializes in dance styles such…

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François Archanjo

François Archanjo grew up on Rio De Janeiro, where 22% of inhabitants live in favelas (slums). He started playing music instruments very early, taught by his father. At 13 years old he started learning percussion in a local social project that supported children of the neighbourhood to not get involved with the drugs and violence…

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Andra Siibak

Andra Siibak, PhD, works as a senior researcher at the Institute of Social Sciences at the University of Tartu on media studies. She has studied social media for more than ten years and published a lot of scientific articles. At the moment her focus is on the audience and privacy issues in social media.

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Zach Latta

Zach Latta is the co-founder and executive director of hackEDU, where he works to bring coding clubs to high schools worldwide. Before hackEDU, he built the backend architecture for Yo – an app with more than 3 million users. Before that he helped launch and grow a game to over 1 million users, reaching #1…

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Carl Stefan Tuulik

Carl Stefan Tuulik is a young musician with an extremely wide taste in music and choice of genres. He plays the sax and the bass guitar everyday in different bands and in addition to that, he also has lent a hand to songwriting and producing, the result of which will be released very soon. During…

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Elisabeth Kaukonen is a second year student of Estonian Philology at Tallinn University. Besides studying, she writes poetry, prose, and practices Estonian folk dance. Elisabeth has  considered writing poetry her passion from a very young age, and her poems have been published in a „Värske Rõhk“- an Estonian literary magazine publishing the work of young…


Kristjan Jansen

Kristjan Jansen is a designer and design teacher. He has worked in Skype and African Internet Group, had a role in the Praxis and Estonian Nature Fund projects and lived in Portugal and Brazil. Now he is back home in Estonia and is putting his skills to use to teach interaction design in schools across…

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Kulno & Tõnis

The accordion, vocals and the rhythm of the body instrument sounds like a band but if you add a thrillingly groovy rhythm engine, it becomes a full orchestra! These two men from Viljandi like to play around with musical instruments but they do not shy away from more serene Nordic soundscapes either. Runo-songs, bagpipe tunes…

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Silver Soorsk

Silver Soorsk is a dancer with an engineering degree. He has not worked a day as an engineer, but he has danced for over 17 years. What started as a hobby soon grew into a passion and took over his mind and body alike. He started with social dances, but in 2002 found the Fine5…

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Aigar Vaigu

Aigar Vaigu is a physicist and public spokesperson for science. His main work focuses on developing a standard for quantum communication, i.e he helps create a technical framework to make ultra-secure communication, based on the oddities of quantum physics, into a functioning application to use. Aigar is also the host, judge and challenge creator of…

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Mari-Liis Aru

Mari-Liis Aru is a physics student at the University of Tartu and an intern at the Tartu Observatory. Currently her focus is on studying very rare supermassive stars. At the age of 16 she built her own website, that started off sharing cool space pictures but a couple of years later she began blogging…

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Jakob Rosin

Jakob Rosin has been blind since his birth. Despite his condition, he never says no to new challenges and things that at first seem impossible for a blind person. He likes to go jogging, travels alone, works on developing accessibility both in real life and virtual world, is a blogger and studies journalism at the…

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Madli Uutma

Madli Uutma is one of the founders of Psühhobuss. It’s a startup founded by psychology students, which goal is to bring the knowledge of scientific psychology closer to the public. Last spring Psühhobuss was awarded as the Best Business Idea by the University of Tartu.

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Andreas Annama

Andreas Annama has been a fan of technology since he was a kid – at first flying it, later putting it together himself. For years his hobby and job has been 3D graphic design, to which the inevitable consequence has been his latest achievement in the form of a self-made 3d printer.

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Douglas Barton

Douglas Barton is the founder and Global Chairman of Elevate Education. Douglas and Elevate has spent the last 13 years benchmarking the practices of the highest performing students in order to identify exactly what drives student performance. Today, Elevate works with over 1200 schools across Australia, the UK, South Africa and the US in order to raise…

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Maarja Punak

Maarja Punak studied to become the criminal police at the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences and did her masters at the University of Tartu on administrative management. She has been a policeman for 11 years, the last 2,5 as a web constable. During her free time she plays football, sings in the police choir, teches…

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Kristian Saks

Kristian Saks is an Estonian photographer and a translator. His photographic endeavours are mainly focused on analogue photography, including its rare variant of solargraphy. To date he has captured the sun in a tin for more than four years which has taken close to 100 self made cameras.

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