Alisa Tsitseronova is a freelance dancer and choreographer. She’s been dancing since 1994, learned many different dance styles, graduated from E.T.A. (Estonian Dance Agency) Dance School and teaches at the D-Lux Studio. Alisa has leaded workshops in Estonia and is one of the leading artists in Estonian hip-hop scene.
Johhan Rosenberg is a freelance dancer and choreographer. He’s been dancing since 2008, also graduated from E.T.A. Dance School and has been dancing in various performances across Estonia and abroad. He has danced on every bigger stage in Estonia. Johhan has created his own style based on contemporary dance – lyrical hip-hop that he also teaches.
Alisa and Johhan have been training together many hours and they share their passion – dancing. They both take it very seriously, though with enjoyment. Johhan has been Alisa’s student for two years and they have found a great connection in dancing.