François Archanjo grew up on Rio De Janeiro, where 22% of inhabitants live in favelas (slums). He started playing music instruments very early, taught by his father. At 13 years old he started learning percussion in a local social project that supported children of the neighbourhood to not get involved with the drugs and violence through music. After the first lesson he decided that was exactly what he wanted to do. Most youngsters in favelas die before they are 18 years old, he did not want to be one of them and he wanted to help like he was being helped earlier. The AfroReggae Cultural Group is the biggest “Social Project” of Brazil, active in more than 10 cities they give assistance to youngsters teaching percussion, dance, graffiti.
After a lot of the work he did as a social worker using percussion as a ”tool”, at 26 years old he was the Cultural director of the DEGASE, Rio De Janeiro’s youth prison system. François now lives in Estonia.