Mari-Liis Aru is a physics student at the University of Tartu and an intern at the Tartu Observatory. Currently her focus is on studying very rare supermassive stars. At the age of 16 she built her own website, that started off sharing cool space pictures but a couple of years later she began blogging about astronomy and science innovations.
“We live in a society that is completely dependent on science and technology yet most of us do not know anything about science nor technology. This is the reason why I want to share topics commonly regarded as difficult in easily comprehendible way. My followers’ reactions have assured me that it works – my posts have provided inspiration to study sciences and to understand the ways the world works”.
For now, Mari-Liis’s website has been recognized in the American radio show “Star Talk” by Neil deGrasse Tyson.
Through the years Mari-Liis has started to appreciate the importance of the “address” of planet Earth in the Universe and why it is crucial for the human species. Her latest goal is to explain it to the world.