TEDxYouth@Tallinn 2016 organizers would like to share all good ideas with many more people than we can fit into our venue. That means there will be a live webcast and we ask you to organize viewing parties (simulcasts) in Estonia and abroad! You’ll be able to watch the webcast in English or in Estonian (with synchronous translation).

What is TEDxYouth@Tallinn 2016 simulcast? 

Simulcast offers a chance to watch TEDxYouth@Tallinn 2016 live webcast with your friends, colleages, schoolmates or organization members.

TEDx Youth@Tallinn 2016 simulcast rules and instructions:
  • simulcast has to be free for attendees
  • there shouldn’t be more than 100 attendees
  • simulcast has to be registered – send us an email to
  • simulcasts can take place in schools, non-profits or other non-commercial organizations/ spaces (homes, schools. libraries etc.)
  • you’ll need a cozy space with screen, speakers and internet connection of 3,5 MBps
  • your simulcast may be private or open to the public. We’ll announce all public simulcasts on our website and Facebook page
  • you may not promote any products, services, companies or organizations during the simulcast event nor use the attendee data for any other purpose than for communication on simulcast matters.
  • as a simulcast organizer you’ll have to record attendees names and e-mail addresses, so we’ll be able to send feedback forms to them to be better the next time!
  • Contact us if you have any questions!