Lili Milani

Lili Milani has a Ph.D in molecular medicine, from Uppsala University in Sweden. Her main subjects of research are epigenetics and pharmacogenetics, ranging from studying the variety of drug disintegration within healthy organisms to studying the differences of healthy and sick individuals in the genome and epigenome. She is the Senior Research Fellow of the…

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Anna Lelik

Anna Lelik is a journalist and media manager from Bishkek, Kyrgystan. Thanks to her degrees from Kyrgystan and Strasbourg, along with 7 years of experience, has helped her become one of the key people behind the evolution of online media in her home country. Being a journalist, she has produced news reports, features and investigative…

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Nathan Hunter

Nathan Hunter, 24 from the UK, is a Politics and Human Resources graduate who works as a trainee leader for Apple and as a trainer for the European Youth Parliament. Having performed in Armenia, Georgia, and France, he uses spoken word poetry to bring to light pressing gender and racial issues. Living in the 21st…

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Tiina Saar-Veelmaa

Tiina-Saar Veelmaa, born 6th of July 1972 in Rakvere, Estonia, is known to the wider audience as a passionate researcher of workplace happiness, a lecturer, consultant, counsellor, whose main fields of research, besides workplace happiness, include life balance and wholosome workplace culture. On these subjects, she has inspired hundreds of Estonian organisations and thousands of…

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Hans Hubert Sams

Hans Hubert Sams is a regular 18-year old high school student. It’s hard to define him with only a couple of words since his curiosity has made him discover quite a few aspects of life. From seven years old he has had an interest in space and all of the mystery that reigns there. A…

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Madis Vasser

Madis is a Tallinn University Computer Science Ph.D graduate, whose main field of research is studying the inner workings of the brain with the help of virtual reality(VR). In his free time he manages the Estonian VR community and is trying his luck in game development. At the crossroads of these three interests shines a…

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Siyanda Mohutsiwa

Siyanda Mohutsiwa is a TED speaker, satirist, writer and holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from the University of Botswana. She is a pan-Africanist and social media addict. She is currently at the Iowa Writer’s Workshop doing an MFA in Fiction. She claims to be writing a novel.

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The Notes

The Notes are an indie folk band straight out of Rapla, Estonia, consisting of Markus Bachmann Kõu Kaur and Helar Tappo and last week they were awarded with the title Noortebänd 2016 (Youth Band 2016) Together they make their own music and perform it.

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Rait Ratasepp

33-year old Estonian ultra-athlete Rait Ratasepp has been dubbed by the media as “Ironman” and as “Miracle Man”, because during his short career as a superathlete he has chalked up quite an impressive list of achievements to his name, the pinnacle of which being a successful completion of his self-organised five-time ultratriathlon competition. He arrived…

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Johanna Maria Tõugu

Johanna Maria Tõugu is a high school student whose greatest mission is to reduce the amount of garbage, plastic and redundant packaging. Having seen the effects of mindless consumerism on our planet, she decided to think globally and act locally and start her own package-free store Paljas Pala (Naked Bit), where a plastic package has…

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Gustav Paul Tamkivi

Gustav is 10 years old and is studying in fifth grade. As he started school, he developed greater interest for mathematics and he liked solving problems in Khan Academy. At eight years old he decided to start making math videos (his channel: for his peers which, in addition to what is taught in school, would…

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Mihkel Joala

Mihkel Joala is a professional inventor. He has studied industrial engineering at TTÜ ,and after that mechatronics at Tartu KHK. Since the beginning of the computer era, and therefore the virtual era, there jas been a search for ways to move between the two worlds. Mihkel has been fascinated by giving virtual objects a real,…

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Beth Barnes

Beth is a computer science student at the University of Cambridge. She has been involved with Effective Altruism, a growing social movement based on the idea of using evidence to figure out how to do the most good, founding an EA society at her high school. She believes that steering the development of technologies such…

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